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Company Profile

With a gun-making experience of more than half a century, Akdaş Arms has been manufacturing some of the best shotguns in Turkey, employing a team of more than 100 gun-making enthusiasts. In addition to the production for the domestic market, Akdaş has been the preferred supplier for some of the famed international companies.

The goal for Akdaş Arms is “blending tradition and technology”, always employing the cutting-edge technologies, while preserving the traditional grace and beauty of a firearm. By combining these with the expertise of the gifted hands of our gunsmiths, we are able to craft the beloved Akdas shotguns, used by many hunters/shooters.

Being aware that a hunter/shooter likes a gun that gives her/him satisfaction while shooting, Akdaş prides itself in uniquely being able to provide its customers smart, high quality, well-balanced and reasonable shotguns.