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“Akdaş Arms” prefers using premium raw materials and processes them with latest technologies and the gifted hands of gunsmiths, being aware that Akdaş shotguns will last for years to come.

We, the “Akdaş Arms” company, keep on manufacturing in our factory premises together with our skilled gunsmiths and a team of more than 100 enthusiasts. In the production process, the CAD software is used to precisely design all the units, and then mass production in CNC’s takes its start. Specific tools are used at each step of the production. After machining is done, the parts are controlled through a strict QC process and conveyed to the gunsmiths. By our Quality Control experts, the shotguns are tested in all disciplines and shot using 1400 bar (±150) cartridges. In the final act, Sadık Akdaş carries out the final inspection. The confirmed ones leave our factory and set forth to their final owners.

Carrying out all the steps in a confident and certified way, Akdas Arms aims to utter costumer pleasure.