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Ömer Akdaş from Huğlu is the founder of Akdaş Arms who started working in gun-making business in 1948 with a few of the best Turkish gunsmiths of the time. After a while, he designed his first single barrel shotgun and in the following years began to run his own gun workshop. Thereafter, he became well-known for his skills and was the gun-maker beloved by many hunters. Ömer Akdaş was the one ever to manufacture the very first side-by-side shotgun in Turkey.

Sadık Akdaş, his son, joined his father in 1975. Having learned any nuance of guns from his father, he has been repairing and maintaining all kinds of domestic and foreign made guns since the age of 13. He is the first Turkish gunsmith ever to produce an inertia operated semi-automatic shotgun with the help his father. In 2004, he designed and produced the first and unique English style side-lock over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns, which have been made in Turkey so far. Throughout his career, he has been regarded by hunters/shooters and is the only Turkish gunsmith to service high-end shotguns from all over the world.


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