Semi Automatic / Vulkar

Simple and Excellent!

The less is the quantity of parts, the higher is the reliability.

Vulkar Series shotguns comprise so few mechanism parts as possible, which provides a strong and dependable operation. The inertia operated system with rotating locking head shoots all loads from 28 gr. (1 oz.) field loads up to 50 gr. (1 ¾ oz.) magnum load including steel shots without any adjustment. The recoil spring is housed in the fore-end stock increasing the strength of the stock and allowing a more elegant grip design. Lightweight and excellent balance of Vulkar series shotguns will be your best friend for a hunting day with a long walk. Composite plastic stocks and camouflage options will help you deal with hard hunting conditions. The ability of the gun to be fitted with adjustable comb stock turns this all around performer into a sporting gun.

Life test with 15,000 rounds has proved the reliability of Vulkar Series Shotguns…

Tested at 1400 (±150) BAR.